How your support will help us this Christmas

The need for our hospice services never stops at Christmas, so neither can our fundraising.

Our hospice care didn’t stop during the Coronavirus pandemic, in fact we were as busy as ever adapting and changing our services as we were supporting the NHS and ensuring the patients that rely on us got the care they needed.

Even during the pandemic, our patients need and deserve quality care at the end of their life. Taking part in our Festive 5K fundraising event will help this to continue.

When an adult or child has been diagnosed with a complex or incurable condition, Havens Hospices can provide the care they need, ‘Making every day count’.

Our specialist Care Teams can support them and their family living throughout illness, death and bereavement, in the comfort of their own home and through our hospice services: Fair Havens, The J’s and Little Havens.

We must raise over £81,000 each week to be there for everyone who needs us.

The demand for our care is growing, just as our income is decreasing.

Over the past few months, our Fair Havens Hospice at Home Team worked at full capacity, with demand increasing by 30% as people chose to be cared for at home instead of the hospital.

At Fair Havens we opened all 16 beds at the hospice just three weeks after we opened the new building in Prittlewell to discharge people from hospital who were at risk of Coronavirus.

Since we opened the new Fair Havens in March, the number of patients we’ve been able to care for within the In Patient Unit has risen by approximately 40% already, compared to the same period last year.

Little Havens also worked with the NHS across Essex to bring children at risk out of hospital wards and into the hospice. Additionally, the beautiful gardens at the hospice were made available to families experiencing an exceptional crisis who could benefit from time away from home.

Our income is declining as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, with the majority of our public fundraising events cancelled this year. We need your support so we can continue to provide our essential hospice care to the families that need us during difficult times in their lives.

Together, we’re ‘Making every day count’.

We hope you can support us by taking part in our Festive 5K - every pound you raise, whatever the amount, means so much to families like Ajooni’s.

Ajooni is four years old and has Leukaemia. She has just finished her treatment, but her immune system is incredibly low and is susceptible to infections so visiting places like soft play areas and parks are impossible.

During lockdown, Ajooni took part in the Online Music Therapy sessions, and the family recently visited the Little Havens garden.

“Ajooni is a very active child and contact with people other than her family is very important to her. She can get teary and emotional if she’s unable to go to school. It makes a huge difference to her day if she’s able to spend time with someone other than Mum, so Little Havens is a wonderful place to do that.”

“She doesn’t express herself all the time as she doesn’t have much contact with other young people in a similar situation, so these sessions gave her an outlet to be herself. We are so grateful that these activities were available for us. Many thanks to Havens Hospices for all their support on our journey.”

Roop, Ajooni’s Mum


Could provide a night of emergency respite care at Little Havens for family during the festive season


Could provide two hours of nursing and supportive care to a patient in their own home at the end of their life


Could pay for a festive meal for a family receiving care at our hospices over Christmas